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The DevOps Way -Time to learn, adapt and come together.

A few weeks ago, when we were planning the launch of our new online DevOps training course, The DevOps Way, things were very different.

For a few days last week we were left thinking that it just didn't seem so important anymore. But over the last couple of days we realised this is now more important than ever.

What The DevOps Way course teaches people is how to be purpose driven, value aligned and focused on outcomes in the context of working in large scale enterprises.

We often talk about “New ways of working”, and for us at .Mastery this involves the recognition of how important communities are and the need to support one other, not just in crisis, but continually.

So here's what we’re doing …

Some of you might be aware DevOps, as a term, originates from the DevOpsDays conferences created by the amazing Patrick Debois. They are organised by volunteers and are run on a non-for-profit basis.

As DevOps has grown so have the number of DevOpsDays conferences increased with up to 100 taking place across the globe each year.

In the next 10 weeks alone there are 8 conferences, but the problem is most (if not all) of these events won't take place now because of the corona virus’s impact on society.

This is leaving many such conferences in a position where they face losing a lot of money. As a former organiser of DevOpsDays in London, I know how stressful organising these events can be, without having to deal with what's going on at the moment.

With that in mind, we've decided to give 50% (£15) of each new subscription to The DevOps Way course for the next 4 weeks to DevOpsDays to help offset any losses that they have incurred and to support new events as and when this pandemic subsides.

Here's what you could do…

Many of us are facing a prolonged period of social distancing, which will often involve working from home or working remotely. As social creatures this can be difficult so it is massively important we try and use this time as productively and as positively as we possibly can. This could involve several different things, and I hope it does, including taking opportunities to self-improve and learn.

The DevOps Way course provides such an opportunity for many of you, and not only that, it provides you with an opportunity to support a community of amazing people who have been supporting you for over 10 years.

Whilst this wasn't the way we wanted to launch the course, we hope something good comes out of how we are now approaching it, not just for DevOpsDays, but for you, the people you work with and the organisations which help you pay your bills.

With that said, if you are interested in learning more about The DevOps Way, please visit

Follow the links to register and subscribe.

Stay safe, positive and enjoy!

Barry Chandler

Founder of .Mastery

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