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The DevOps Way

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Online DevOps Learning created by Practitioners for Practitioners

The Digital evolution has changed the way we live our lives and work.

Organizations across the globe need to be able to adapt to Customer needs faster than ever before which, in turn, is driving unprecedented demand for the skills and know-how that will enable them to do so.

At .Mastery, we show individuals, teams and enterprises how to use DevOps to help them succeed at scale.

Starting with "The DevOps Way", our unique online learning platform will give you the foundational knowledge required by everyone who is driven by purpose, interested in delivering value to customers and focussed on outcomes.


Regardless of your role or background, .Mastery will give you an upskilling experience that will help you develop a fulfilling career, whatever path you take.


The time to begin your journey is now!


DevOps skills in demand 

DevOps Engineer is the most sought after job on LinkedIn 

The DevOps Way

The DevOps Way

An online practitioner's guide for anyone interested in understanding DevOps and how it helps you succeed at scale.


“If you work in an organisation that relies on digital technology in any way, then this course is for you.


It distills the knowledge and experience of the leading figures from the DevOps community into practical means to respond to the rapid pace of change and drive performance”


Adam Lenander – HR Transformation Lead, Deutsche Bank

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